How To Manage Your Email In 200 Words

Here’s how I managed my email through email-heavy recruiting seasons:

1. If you have multiple email addresses (like a school address), set up mail forwarding to a primary email address. #

Mobile apps can consolidate and show your emails across accounts, but you want to see your emails across one inbox on desktop too.

2. Use Gmail with its Primary, Social, Promotions, and Updates tabs. #

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 3.21.53 PM.png

If an email arrives in the Primary tab, but should be in another tab, or vice versa, drag it to the appropriate tab, and mark “yes”:

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 3.16.07 PM.png

You won’t miss emails.

3. Every time you log into your email, check (as in check the checkbox) of emails you would no longer want to see in any tab. #

Set up a filter that automatically archives emails like these.


4. Treat your primary inbox as a task list. Archive the email if and only if you complete the associated task, probably to read it. #

This has worked super well for me.


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