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On the Alluring Lifestyle of Tengo, from Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84

I read 1Q84 a year ago, and there was this character I adored, Tengo. Tengo lives a simple life. He teaches math three days a week at a cram school

Here’s Murakami, describing Tengo’s four days at home:

“When he was home, Tengo usually wrote from first thing in the morning until the approach of the evening. All he needed to satisfy him was his Mont Blanc pen, his blue ink, and standard manuscript sheets, each page lined with four hundred empty squares ready to accept four hundred characters.Once a week his married girlfriend would come to spend the afternoon with him. Sex with a married woman ten years his senior was stress free and fulfilling, because it wouldn’t lead to anything. As the sun was setting, he would head out for a long walk, and once the sun was down, he would read a book while listening to music. He never watched television.”

For me, there is something in Tengo’s...

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Comparing Apps and Media with the Time to Aftertaste Metric

To celebrate the end of finals my freshman year of college, I binged the TV series Master of None. I must not have paced it well, because when I finished, I felt terrible. My eyes hurt from staring at the screen, and my body ached from laying in bed all day.

Sure, I enjoyed the show. But ultimately, binging on the show left a bad taste in my mouth.

Introducing TTA (Time to Aftertaste)

After a long TV session, the aftertaste I’m describing is probably the most pronounced. But this aftertaste follows other media too.

If you’ve ever spent an evening browsing the Internet for too long, you might know what I mean.

At first, the articles are interesting, and informative. After an hour though, you might have been overloaded with information. You might find yourself far from your research topic, now on Buzzfeed or on Youtube.

You end your session of Internet browsing with an aftertaste...

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Results from de-activating Messenger for a week

I de-activated Facebook and Messenger for a week this month, and this post reflects on my findings.

Halfway through that same week, I also deleted most apps on my phone, including Gmail and Chrome/Safari. My post tomorrow will reflect on that.


I’m not a stranger to limiting my access to social websites and apps. While this week turned out to be a challenge, I’ve taken similar steps before. I previously deleted my Snapchat and Instagram accounts, and the Facebook app on my phone.

This post will not be about Facebook, which I barely use, just Messenger.


I de-activated Facebook and Messenger because I was glued to my phone the week before. It was early in the quarter, so my friends were generally active on Messenger.

My intent was to clear my head and to be less needy. This was mostly done on a whim, as an experiment.

Starting troubles

The first day was the...

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