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Rishi’s Law: How to change your life

In software development, we have Conway’s Law, which says, you ship your organization.

That is, you ship software that reflects your company’s organizational structure.

There’s a parallel, which I call Rishi’s Law:

You ship a life that reflects your spending, friends and calendar.

Ask yourself: Are my spending habits, friend circles, and calendar events in line with the life I want to lead?

If not, there’s your opportunity to change your life.

I took a look, and mostly, I like what I’m currently shipping. But I want to update my spending, friends, and calendar to further support my writing and entrepreneurship goals.

I want to spend more on my writing education. I was looking at editors on Upwork, which I could hire for feedback on pieces. So I can grow faster. Don’t know how to spend to support my entrepreneurship education though.

I have some writer friends, but I want to make some entrepreneur friends. This way, I can have support for these hobbies of mine, which is important when I get busy with work.

Calendar wise, I’m allocating time to them well.

Think about it. Can you update your spending, friends, or calendar to be more in line with what you currently want out of life?

Update: You can also ship your space. If you have no desk in your room, you’ll do less work. That’s what I learned last summer, anyway. So I plan to make sure to always have space for a desk at home. And you also ship your beliefs, says Tony Robbins.

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