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Thank you to the student orgs that were my life

In high school, I was in a marketing/business club, called DECA:

Dear DECA,

Thank you for teaching me business, communication skills and also, the fruits of hard work. You didn’t let me on stage for awards the first two years, but that’s what grew the ambition in me to put over a hundred hours into my business plans and presentations junior and senior year. I did make it to ICDC, the international conference, my dream, twice.

Along the way, I picked up presentation skills and writing skills, that have been so useful since. I picked up the ability to work hard. I picked up an interest in entrepreneurship, which has waxed and waned over the years, but is back now, in full force. It started with DECA, for me.

Even now, I only know I really want something when my ambition compares to my ambition as a 16 year old to go to ICDC.

In college, I was in a co-ed engineering fraternity, called Theta Tau.

Dear Theta Tau,

Oh man, where to begin.

Thank you for the privilege to grow up here. I’m a kinder and more caring person because of our chapter. I didn’t think of people or friends much before TT, but TT made me feel, what else is there to life than friends? Honestly, TT taught me to love people.

It gave me a conviction that people are important, and worth caring about. I’m no saint. I suck in many ways. But I’m sure as hell a better friend than I was four years ago.

I think of everyone in TT as my extended family. I care about each and every active, even if I don’t really know them. It’s a weird feeling. TT makes me feel like a good person, which I haven’t really felt anywhere else.

I honestly don’t think anything else can measure up to TT, at least not in the same way. I know my friends and I’ll drift apart. All friends do. But we’ve touched each others’ lives in such a way during such a formative time, so the mark we’ve left on each other probably won’t go so easy.

oh LORD I am so cheesy

this is OK because no one reads this blog rn

Seriously though, thank you

Student orgs (and obviously, school) have been my life for the past eight years. It is dang weird to have life now without them.

Thank you for everything you’ve given me. I will give back to you, too.

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